About Us

The technologies and the Internet era have allowed us to create an enormous amount of services and products, and they have an exponential growth worldwide, facilitating the ability to communicate with everyone in a matter of minutes, which is why that this renowned company broadened its horizons by distributing the products not only to a few people but also to the whole world.
ZEKYN is a company with operations center in the city of Riobamba, Chimborazo, Ecuador, and focuses its activities on providing products of international consumption such as clothing, calsado, technology, jewelry, etc.
Our company is formed by a team of professionals in digital Marqueting to make our virtual store as simple as possible and easy to navigate when looking for the product you want. We have worldwide agreements with renowned suppliers and brands so that the delivery and the product are guaranteed. We have convenient payment methods and easy access so that the user does not have to worry about bauchers or bills, simply browse in search of the product you need and with a click is the product on the door of your house.
We stand out from our competitors, incorporating flexible features and easy access in our store, as well as competitive products and high quality and secure payments, combined with a personalized service and an excellent attitude and aptitude of our group of collaborators, technical support and high quality of the service for our clients.
We are ZEKYN a new way to buy